3D ‘Claw’ Handcarved stylish pear smoking pipe – 8″ (20cm).


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Pipe at a realistic price

Brand new, never used stylish tobacco smoking pipe. Royal quality.

Our pipes are made of an environmentally friendly pear wood dried in a natural conditions for at least 2 years.
For toning tubes we use high-quality alcohol wood stains.

And final polishing with refined carnauba wax, that will allow you to polish the pipe with a soft cloth, when it is necessary. It will help you to reestablish its original look.

The bowl is the general part of a good pipe and it’s carefully handmaded by Ukrainian masters. Signed by master. The stem is made from ebonite.

Lightweight, due to the ebonite stem and a real pleasure to look at.

Great Buy for the Connoisseur.

It could be a stylish gift for someone you like or a great addition to your collection.

Please note that color and shape may vary slightly from the picture. Each item is handmade and slight variations may occur.

For wholesale buyers I can offer big discounts.
I guarantee full satisfaction.

Material: Wood – pear, Rings – apricot,
For 9mm filter,
Total length – 200mm/7.87inches, Mouthpiece – 100mm/3.49inches.


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