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If you have never smoked a pipe before, the most important thing to consider is patience

The experience proves that it takes rather long time to get used to a new pipe.

The very right way for you is to smoke only one pipe a day during the first week and then to increase the frequency of smoking gradually.
You can find the most appropriate rhythm of smoking for you by the end of the month. Soon you will find that the more experience of smoking you have the more pleasure it gives to you. Keep in mind that you should make short and light whiffs. Never make long and fast whiffs! This can be a result of burning down the bottom of the pipe or even of burning your tongue.
In the cup-walls of right-smoked pipe there should be a layer of burnt tobacco deposit, to prevent a pipe in a right way you should follow the instructions bellow.
1. Fill one third of the pipe cup with tobacco, but less tight than usually and smoke it up. You should repeat this step during 6-8 days.
2. Repeat the above-mentioned step1, but this time fill one-half of the pipe cup with tobacco.
3. Repeat the above-mentioned step1, but this time fill three-quarters of the pipe cup with tobacco.
Thus, you will puff up a new pipe in a right way.


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