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There are several types of tobacco for pipes, which differ in their processing and producing place

C avendish is the most common type of tobacco; for example, we know the sort called Amfora, represented byDouwe Egberts. This is, in fact, the mix of different tobaccos, which were pressed in a warm place and then were cut and milled. This tobacco got its name in honor of English sea captain, who imported rum to America, and exported tobacco from there. One day to save some space, he placed tobacco into rum barrels. When the captain came to England, he discovered that tobacco was soaked by rum aroma and became better.

Flake is another type of English tobacco, representing slim pressed plates. Before smoking it, you need to knead and grind them by hands.

Curly Cut and Spoon are represented as many little rolls. Producing this type of tobacco, different sorts of leaves are wrapped in long cylinder that looks like a twine. Then it is cut, and in cuts tobacco looks like a mosaic.

Mixture – different sorts of tobacco, which were cut and then mixed in different proportions, depending on the smoker taste (Producer). The majority sorts of English tobacco belong to the Mixture type.

Granulated is granulated tobacco which is pressed in a sheet form and then it is cut criss-cross.

As a result, little blocks are received. In this form, tobacco saves its aroma teste and wetness. This tobacco is a little bit lighter and burns worse, it is its lack.

Tobacco also has different width of cutting. Tobacco with small cutting burns quickly, but saves wetness badly. Tobacco with large cutting has opposite properties.

The smallest cuttingslag has 0,5-1 mm width. Such kind of tobacco is smoked by pipes with small cups and long chibouk. Broadly used the cutting in 1,5 mm width, but last time is used the cutting in 2 mm width.

The choice of tobacco in the shop depends on the amount of money the customer has, on the variety of goods and, certainly, on smoker’s taste and experience.

Tobacco is divided by taste qualities, such as:

  • English taste – is mixture andflake, basically. Latakia mixture is a good tobacco that consist of spicy oriental tobacco with typical tar taste;
  • Netherlandish taste – light tobaccos cavendish and mixture, usually with aroma;
  • French taste – tobacco’s sorts like mixture that reminds cigar’s taste;
  • Danish taste – mixed aroma tobaccos with spicy sweet taste;
  • American taste – sort like mixture and granulated, with dominated Virginia tobacco andperik.

For people who start smoking the pipe, the most suitable tobacco’s type is mixture. Although smokers say right – good tobacco is tobacco you like.

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